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Private Lessons

     Private Lessons are offered through the band program and are available to every band student. The private lesson staff includes degreed educators that are hand-picked by the directors. Individual instruction is extremely beneficial due to the one-on-one teaching environment. The private teacher is able to design a program that meets each individual student's needs, allowing each student to progress at his/her own rate of ability. Professional teachers on each instrument will be available to teach these lessons during band class and before or after school.

     Much of the individual success throughout the Navo Band Program can be attributed to the private lesson program and the superior private lesson staff. More importantly, much of the success of our students is due to the private lessons. Students enrolled in the private lesson program at Navo Middle School allows for a high standard of performance to be maintained. Supplemental lessons are not required, but are strongly recommended. 

If you are interested in signing up for lessons, feel free to contact the techer for you instrument listed to the right, or you can fill out our Private Lesson Sign-Up Form and we will forward your information on to the appropriate teacher.


Lynne Hudson



Kit Hawkins



Robert Richter


Aaron Linde



Justin Sales




Coming Soon


French Horn

Ben Raviotta

Trombone / Euphonium / Tuba 

Travis Harris


In process - Contact Mr. Miller if you are interested in private lessons for percussion.



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