Future Navo Band Members - Instrument Selection Dates

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Panther Band Family!!! You may have seen “Saxophone” on your child’s schedule, however that is just a place holder in their schedule for band. It doesn’t mean that they are playing saxophone (although – it could!). We try to balance between what students WANT to play and what they would be best at! The way we do that is having all students attend our Instrument Petting Zoo where they are able to try everything they WANT to play (and maybe even more) to see what they would naturally be best at.  You will have that opportunity either on Wednesday, March 30 or Saturday, April 2


In order to reserve a time for your child, please sign up here:  (Sign-up Coming Soon!!!)

Only one parent may accompany the student.  Everyone is required to wear a mask.  The students will try mouthpieces only.  We have one set of mouthpieces per student so students WILL NOT be sharing.  We will have teachers that will help guide them through the process and play the instruments for them.  🙂  


All of our classes have certain number limits, and will be on a first come, first served basis.  Percussion, Saxophone, French Horn, Oboe, and Bassoon are lottery instruments because they are sometimes our most popular choices - we will contact you if your child is chosen for that particular instrument.  If not, they will be placed on their second choice.  Students must be present at one of the petting zoo dates in order to be considered for one of the lottery instruments (listed above). 


Please sign up as soon as possible as we can’t place your child in a band class until we have met with you. No experience is necessary!  Come with an open mind and be ready to have fun!  You only need to sign up for 1 time slot on ONE of the days, whichever day works best for your schedule. If you have a conflict with both April 21st and April 24th, please contact me soon so that we can arrange another time to meet with you and your child. 


Remember, we can’t place your child in a band class next year until they have been seen by a director.  For your convenience, we will have Music and Arts and Music 1st on site on the 21st and 24th so that you can set up any instrument rentals/order supplies for next school year. 


I look forward to meeting each of you and working with your family next year!  Go Panthers!  Have a wonderful day!!!