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Honors Band, Symphonic Band, and Advanced Percussion Class

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     The Advanced Bands at Navo MS consist of 7th and 8th graders that have completed the Beginner Band course for their instrument.  Students in all of our advanced bands will enjoy rehearsing with complete instrumentation of all instruments each day.  The advanced bands will also have the opportunity to perform many times throughout the year for a variety of audiences throughout the school and community.  The Navo Band has three advanced bands designed to meet the needs of the students enrolled.  The groups are skill-based and are designed to be a continuation of the Beginner Band. Our Navo Jazz Ensemble is a Band Elective.  Students must be in one of the other advanced bands to be a member of the Jazz Ensemble. 

Honors Band is our Varsity class which meets 3rd period under the direction of Mrs. Anderson.

Symphonic Band is our Non Varsity class which meets 4th period under the direction of Mr. Hudson.

Advanced Percussion Class is 7th period under the direction of Mr. Miller.  These students all completed Beginner Percussion Class in 6th grade and will also perform throughout the year with the other Advanced Bands for Concerts, Contests, and Festivals. Jazz Ensemble is our band elective class which meets 6th period under the direction of Mr. Hudson.



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